Liquid Soap Making Online: A complete course


It's time for you to start creating your very own AMAZING shampoos, shower gels and bubble baths.

If you have some experience creating soaps using the Cold Process, it's time to finally branch out into creating thick, gel like luxury liquid soaps.

This complete course will take you through the finest details to creating bubbly, healthy liquid soaps completely from scratch using natural oils and saponifying them using an alkali.

Instruction on the Online platform caters to any learning style. We use videos, slide shows, e books, podcasts, printables and more..all wrapped up in motivation.

If you've tried liquid soaps before, but not had any success, we've broken down this method and highlighted key areas which have traditionally been challenging-in order to eliminate chances of frustration.

We will tell and teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about creating liquid soaps in this course.

Sign up for this complete e-course and learn how to create a number of products that your entire family can use.

This course will:

  • Give you the information, the practice and the confidence to create liquid soaps.
  • Teach you how to create a number of different products: Shampoo, shower gels, bubbly baths.
  • Give a bonus lesson on Gel based sugar scrubs
  • Empower you to extend your line of soaps to produce highly demanded, healthy liquid soaps
  • Provide you with printable material worth more than $100 including our recipe book; soap maker's planner; checklist/shopping list booklet.

You could be making your own shampoo and shower gels by NEXT WEEK!

Our newest E book is included when you take this course.

NOTE: The Pre-Requisite for this course is Cold Process Soap Making.