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How to Order Offline

How to Order Offline


Quick note:


Customers who use the Offline services are not within our automated system. Only customers who pay with credit cards on our site are.

If you use Paypal, or a Direct Bank Deposit, we must manually enroll you in courses. This enrollment is completed, once the payment is received. (please follow the instructions)


PayPal Customers: (technically not offline, but not on site)

Use the link Here

If you use the Paypal method, please send us a WhatsApp indicating this so enrollment can be completed.


Bank Customers


We recognise that some of our customers prefer not to use a credit card. If you reside in Trinidad and Tobago, offline payments are available to you.

This can be done using 1. a Direct Deposit or 2. A Visa Debit card from RBC, JMMB and Scotia Bank

Here's how:


Name on the Account : Handmade Soaps of Tobago.

TYPE of Account: Saving

A direct deposit can be made to First Citizens Account 2203480.


Please use the TT equivalent usually quoted along with the USD quote. If not, please use the exchange rate.

Please give your name to the teller, so that it is attached to the order.

If this is an online transfer, be sure to attach your name to the order.

Send a message to 493-8118, detailing what the payment was for and supplying your email address in the case of digital orders and your physical address if it is a tangible order.

Messages can also be sent by clicking the Chat with us Button on this Page.

Customers who send proof of payment to other channels will experience delays. Please follow the instructions provided.  Please do not send messages via Instagram, Text message or email where they easily get lost.



You do not have to actually visit the bank if you have Online Banking. Use the same Account Information above to complete the transfer from any bank online.

NB: First Citizens transfers are immediate. All other Bank transfers have a delay. Enrollment is completed when the transfer is completed, that is, actually deposited in the account. 

It is important that you send to us the screenshot of the transaction. Your full name; Your email address; The names of the courses you want.

(Note to affiliates: Commissions can be paid on Online transfers ONLY if the buyer quotes your affiliate number)

 Visa Debit Card

Visa Debit Cards are accepted from all Caribbean customers IF the card is approved for International Purchase.

How to use the Code. 

Option 1: Scan:

The code should be scanned with a phone camera. This takes you to WIPAY terminal. Please put in the amount to pay using the exchange rate of the day. eg TT$ 6.79 = US $1

Click the Pay Button

Can't Scan? Use this link

Option 2: Click the link Pay with Visa Debit

Be sure to send a Whatsapp message to us when a payment is completed. This allows for faster deliver of service or product. (868) 493 8118

Please DO NOT send messages via Instagram or Facebook. For control and clarity, we use 1 platform for messages, that is the whatsapp platform

SUPPORT? Click the Chat with us button on the page



Ebooks: Keep in mind: You can use the Fast deposit. E books will be sent to you, once the payment is deposited into the account.

Bank to Bank online transfers will be fulfilled once a screen shot of the completed transaction is sent. (868 493 8118)

First Citizens transfers are immediate . Ebooks and courses will be sent out immediately.