How to Order Offline

We recognise that some of our customers prefer not to use a credit card. If you reside in Trinidad and Tobago, offline payments are available to you.

Here's how:


A direct deposit can be made to First Citizens Account 2203480.

Name on the Account : Handmade Soaps of Tobago.

TYPE of Account: Saving

Please use the TT equivalent usually quoted along with the USD quote. If not, please use the exchange rate.

Please give your name to the teller, so that it is attached to the order.

If this is an online transfer, be sure to attach your name to the order.

Send a message to 493-8118, detailing what the payment was for and supplying your email address in the case of digital orders and your physical address if it is a tangible order.

A message can also be sent on the Scents of Tobago Facebook page.


Ebooks: Keep in mind: You can use the Fast deposit. E books will be sent to you, once the payment is deposited into the account.

Bank to Bank online transfers will be fulfilled once a screen shot of the completed transaction is sent. (868 493 8118)

First Citizens transfers are immediate . Ebooks and courses will be sent out immediately.