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What is the Scents of Tobago Affiliates Program? How does it work?

What is the Scents of Tobago Affiliates Program? How does it work?

Our Affiliates program allows you to apply to be an Affiliate of Scents of Tobago. Affiliates earn commission when persons they refer, using their affiliate link, purchases an eligible product from us.

Products which earn commissions are mainly digital products such as E books and E courses, but physical workshops also earn a flat commission of $US29.45 per sale.


Affiliates who are approved to earn commissions from us are

1. Customers- persons who have bought our e-products and are familiar with their benefits.

2. Customers who have built a social media following using Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok or other and can therefore effectively promote our products to their own following.

3. Customers who own a website and therefore have a presence online.

Affiliate marketing is most successful if used by persons who have followers who trust them.

.Our Affiliates follow our Instagram page here


Affiliates will be provided with assets such as Instagram posts, and images that can be used by you, the affiliate. Affiliates are NOT allowed to use the Scents of Tobago name or logo. Affiliates can create their own assets by doing reviews etc on the products to promote them.



Affiliates are paid once per month by Bank Transfer or Paypal (International customers). Please note Western Union will NOT be used to pay affiliates.

You can keep track of your earnings per month by looking at your personal, affiliate dashboard, provided for you when you sign up. Transfers will be made when earnings are above $US10. If less than $10 is earned, it is added to the following month. 


Commissions are paid on the sale of different products on the website. Website sales are tracked to affiliates who must use their affiliate link for that sale to be linked to you. 

Customers who purchase without using your link will not count as a purchase which earns you commission,

Your affiliate links will be provided once your application is approved.



Affiliates are provided with assets, that is, digital promotional tools that they can use to promote our products on their social media accounts. As an Affiliate, you are responsible for your own marketing strategy in order to maximise your earnings.


A Breakdown of Products in the Affiliate Programme and the Commissions that they earn.

1. E books and E courses

Advantage: These can be sold all over the world and they are delivered immediately after purchase is completed.

Commission 15%

2.  In Person Workshop Sales Commissions- Trinidad & Tobago Workshops earn a flat rate of TT$200 . (we currently do not have commissions on our in store events)

Interested in earning through Affiliates? Apply here