Complete Candle Making: our Online Course


Learn how make candles (online course)

Be safe and smart- Now you can learn how to create beautiful candles in the comfort of your home. 

Take Candle making online with us. You get the very same instruction that we deliver in our face to face sessions.

We will teach you how to select the right waxes, how to wick successfully and how to add delightful fragrance so that your rooms are filled with the aroma of your choosing.

Create quality candles from the comfort of your home.

This course will be delivered through a series of videos which you follow along; written instructions . It includes our newest candle making e book. Let's Make beautiful candles as a bonus.

You get:

  • Immediate access to the course
  • Unlimited access. The course is available to you at any time you are ready.
  • Bonus E book download: Let's make beautiful candles

Here is a breakdown of the lessons as they are delivered.

1. The History of Candle Making

2. Concept: Differences:

  • The different types of candles
  • The different types of waxes: soy or paraffin
  • The different types of wicks

3. Safety: A guide to safe projects

4. Resources and Tools

5. How to make container candles- step by step

6. How to make pillar candles- Step by step

7. Download the complete e book

What happens when you pay?

Once your purchase is completed, you will receive an email within a few minutes, directing you to the course. Remember, you will have unlimited access, so you can begin at any time.



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