Beginner Soap Making: Cold Process Online Course

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Learn both the theory of Cold Process Soap Making now in the Online School.

Always wanted to learn how to make gorgeous handmade soaps, but just never had the time to take a workshop? We've brought the workshop to you! 

How is the course delivered?

This course is delivered in our Online School. It is presented in series of lessons that take you through the theory of saponification; introduce you to the tools and raw materials that you need.  It will also walk you through 5 practical lessons where you actually create soaps using the video guide.

Raw material and tool listings are included as part of the course.

Follow along with the videos to create each type of soap. 

  • Learn at your own pace
  • Get unlimited access, so you can learn whenever it is convenient to you.

What type of soaps will I learn to make?

This is a Cold Process soap making course. You will therefore learn how to make the healthiest, luxury soaps using natural oils.

When does the course begin?

As the course is presented in a course player, you can start and stop the course to your convenience.

Start right now. Do lessons over and over.

Are E books included?

E books are included in this course and are ready for download

What happens after payment?

Immediately after payment is completed, you will receive an email, which will direct you to the Online School and the course player. From here, you can begin immediately.

What if I need help?

Within working hours, assistance is available via whatapp message 868 493 8118

Assistance is also available if you send a message in the online school messaging centre.