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Start your Body Scrub Business. Online Course


Get immediate access to this Start your Body Scrub course. Learn to create fragrant and effective body scrubs in just a few hours.

* This is a pre-recorded course 

* You can start learning AS SOON AS you enroll

Here's what you get in this course.

1. Video Lessons in sequence so that your learn the process in an easy step by step way.

2. Three E Book downloads, so that you can refer to the method and access easy to follow recipes.

3. A guide to tools and raw materials, so you can purchase EXACTLY what you need for projects.

4. Follow along with three projects and create with us (Body Polish; Emulsified Sugar Scrub; Power cleansing scrub.)

All the information you need is included in this course to guide you to start creating Body Scrubs that everyone will love. 

This course is for you if:

  • You've been looking for a start up, home based business that has low overheads and a healthy profit margin.
  • You want to take control of what you put on your skin.
  • You want to bring back your skin's natural glow
  • You want to add a product collection to your boutique or salon
  • You want to perfect the projects that you accessed on You Tube

This is a well thought out course that takes you, as a beginner, from curious to accomplished.

 Please Click the Buy it now button to enroll. You are a few minutes away from starting.

What happens after you pay?

Once payment is completed, you will receive, within a few minutes, an invitation to set a password to our online school. Once this is completed, you can immediately start the course.

Note: If you have already completed a course with us, this new course will automatically be placed on your student dashboard.


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