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Live Virtual: Cold Process Handmade Soaps



Learn how to pour your first Handmade Soaps with me in this Live Virtual Workshop.

 Whether you want to make soaps for fun or for profit, this Live online workshop perfect for you.

1. We will simplify the soap making process for you by teaching you our 8 step method.

2. We will make soaps together in the virtual space, so you leave with the confidence to create after the workshop ends.

3. You will receive starter recipes and a shopping list of raw materials so that you can create on workshop day.

4.  Get personalised attention as each online session accepts just 5 students.

5. Anyone regardless of your location can take this Live session, once you have internet access.


At Scents of Tobago, our instructor for this Live Virtual has more than 23 years of making soaps AND teaching Soap making. Lisa -Marie Griffith has also written several books which you will receive (digital copies) as part of your package. 

You can message us using the Chat with us button on this page if you need information, not provided here.

You will receive:

  • Four hours of Live Training with an Instructor in the Online Setting
  • Two soap making E books inclusive of easy to follow recipes
  • Poster downloads: 3 recipes, 1 troubleshooting guide.
  • You leave the Live workshop finally understanding the soap making process and feeling accomplished that you successfully poured your first soaps.

Select the date you prefer when you book. (Please select 1 date)

Available Dates:

Sunday 23rd April. 10 a.m.- 2.30 p.m.

Sunday 7th May 10 a.m- 2.30 p.m.

Please do not book dates if you cannot commit as you block other students from booking a space.

Price: US$ 85

Book your space by

1. Selecting your preferred date

2. Click the Buy it now Button and proceed to Checkout


Once you book a space in any Live Virtual Session, You will immediately be able to download the recipes we will use on the day. This mini e booklet will also contain a listing of tools that you will need. 

You have the time to acquire all the raw materials and tools to get ready for workshop day.


Here's what our students say: 


Mint Swirl


Layers of Lavender

Chocolate and Coffee

Berry Swirl


No credit card?

Use the Direct Deposit method instead. Check it here


Will I be able to make my own soaps after this workshop?

Yes you will be able to create the healthiest, luxurious soaps after the instructions received.


Can I start a Home business making these soaps?

You can most definitely start a very creative soap making business using the skills learned here

What tools and raw materials do I need?

Your raw material and tool listing is provided for you after you book. Cold process soap making has a low start up cost.

Will I receive a Certificate after this course?
You will receive a completion Document if you do, in fact, complete the course.

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