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Coaching Level 1: Product Development. Charlotteville Plan


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Tired of investing your time and creative energy into making products that do not seem to pay off? Perhaps you are ready to do some serious business but you feel stuck at the hobby level. 

Let us use our experience in this Industry to help you jump start and accelerate your success.

Coaching for Product Development involves a customised approach to teaching you the skills of creating one product in your collection.

We spend four focused hours designing, formulating and creating the winning product type that's just perfect for your business.

Solve your challenges in this 1 session.

This level of coaching does not include the branding of your product or other business development training as these are separate services.

At the end of this session, you will 

1. Understand the raw materials needed. (listing provided)

2. Understand the process of combining the raw materials for a finished product

3. Receive a customised booklet detailing everything you will need to expedite the production process.

4. Receive starter tools

5. Receive formulations suited to your need.

6. Have practised the making of the product with supervision

7. Explore troubleshooting:  A look at common issues experienced.

 Please note any physical aspect of coaching such as the making of the product is done in our location in Tobago.

Details at a glance:

Venue: Harvest Collective, Store Bay Local Road, Tobago

Time: 4 hour session

Date: Must be booked

Price: TT2500 (USD 368)

Booking Deposit 50%. Call to Book date. (868) 493 8118

To book Coaching for Product Development, choose your date and confirm your booking with a 50% deposit.

NOT SURE IF THIS IS RIGHT FOR YOU? Call us for a free consultation. (868) 493 8118.

Direct Deposits can also be done to complete Coaching Level 1 Bookings. Read the details here

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