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Candle Making Workshop- A candle Design Workshop


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Join this one day Trinidad workshop to learn how to create and design truly creative candles that can form the foundation of a business.

Tired of the same old candles? Isn't it time we truly innovate for candles that are both beautiful AND functional?

The candle industry is changing rapidly and new tools allow very different, exciting designs.

What you receive in this workshop.


1. 4 hours of instruction including practical work

a) The techniques of pouring candles (pillars and containers). Great for beginners

b) The important key things to remember for successful burning and fragrance throw


 2. Candle Design basics:

(a) painting on candles

(b) Using different waxes together

(c)  Other ideas for candle designs that are exquisitely different and artistic


3. 4 great ideas for a business. Business ideas shared. Run with it!


4. Raw materials for use on Workshop day. This includes all waxes, containers, molds wicks, fragrances, dyes.


5. Finished candles created on the day. These are yours to take home. We will create THREE artistic candle types.

6. E book with all techniques and reminders so you can peruse these after the workshop at your convenience.

If you've been considering making your own candles and even starting a business but you are too afraid to finally take the leap, this is the workshop for you.

You will leave energised and inspired to get quickly moving on your journey.

Sculptural Candles:

Mixing waxes:

Gel and Soy/paraffin blends

Massage Candles: Learn how to create authentic aromatherapy candles that can also be used in massage.

Painted Candles: Learn techniques to paint on candles, (even if you are not an artist.)


  • Date: Sunday 21st May 2023
  • Venue: The Annexe, Curepe
  • Time: 10 a.m.-2.30 p.m.

Cost: TT$1500. Early Bird TT$1200. (US$176.) Our Early Bird special ends when the first THREE participants claim the discount.

Payment can be made in two parts. (does not apply to Early Bird. Early bird discounted rates are paid in full).

A 50% deposit is required to book a spot in this workshop.  The balance can be paid on workshop day.

* Cancellations on workshop day or 7 days prior to the workshop date results in the loss of your deposit.

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