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Create Transparent Hard Soap bars from Scratch



Discover the joys of creating fragrant, transparent bars from scratch! This course is a pre-recorded online course which will launch with a Live Session on Sunday 26th May 2024.

We strongly suggest that you register for this course ONLY if you have already taken our Cold Process Beginner Soap Making Course.  (Enroll in the Beginner course here).

PRE-REQUISITE: The creation of transparent hard bars is a hot process that requires some soap making experience.


This course is delivered in the Online School. You will be able to access it immediately after payment has been completed.



1. How to saponify oils to create soap

2. How to process opaque soaps to turn them into transparent bars

3. What base oils are best for this process

4. What additional ingredients are needed for transparency

5. How to colour transparent bars

6. How to add fragrance to transparent soap bars


You will have access to:

  • Video lessons - step by step, start to finish process
  • Text Lessons- Listings of raw materials and tools needed. Explanations of the process.
  • E book- Recipes provided for you
  • Discussion area in the course where questions can be posted
  • Live question and answer, 1 month after the course launches (Sunday 16th June 2024)

The completed soap bars will be colourful and fragrant. Unlike Melt and Pour bases, our bars will yield lots of lather and will not sweat even if they are exposed to the elements. 

Add beautiful, transparent soap bars to your line up of Bath and Body Products!

The resultant bars will not be the equivalent of a Melt and Pour base and will lose transparency if melted multiple times.

 Enroll in this course now for just US14 (e book is included in this course)

E BOOK ONLY- Download the E book for US$9. Get it here

Payment Type: Credit Card, Visa Debit Card, Bank Transfer

For Visa Debit and Bank Transfer, please refer to the directions here

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