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How to make Hair Conditioners (all Hair Types)


Create an Awesome Hair Conditioner Collection.

Never Purchase Hair Conditioner again! 

Forget inferior hair conditioners that line the shelves. Create your own for yourself or your clients to suit their needs and their hair type.

Whether you own a business or you want to create these for yourself, this course will take you on a journey that informs, inspires and creates!

We're creating three different types of Hair conditioners in this course. (recipes provided yes)

1. Therapeutic Conditioner for itchy scalp

2. Intense Conditioner to tame frizz

3. Nourishing conditioner for weekly use


Here's what you will learn

The concept : what makes a Great Hair conditioner.

  • What determines conditioner ingredients for different hair types
  • How to choose ingredients that make a difference. ( Fixed oils; essential oils; polymers; cationic ingredients, hydrosols)
  • How to to mix ingredients.
  • How to ensure shelf life
  • How to combat challenges if you experience them.

After this course, you'll never go back to store bought conditioners again. Your hair deserves MUCH better.  This course caters to all hair types.

How will this course be delivered?

This course will be delivered in the Online school and is pre-recorded.



    You will have access to videos in the Online School on the release date. You will also be able to download our E book  and Infographic posters.


    This  full course will be released on Sunday 26th February. 

    A part of the course, Purchase of Raw Material and Equipment (PREP)will be released on Tuesday 31st January. PREP will be released ahead of time, so you can be ready to create on 26th February. This is immediately available.

    You will have access to all parts of the course indefinitely.

     Everything you will receive in a nutshell

    1. Lifetime Access to the Online course, series of Instructions

    2. Instructions via video for (access at any time after 26th February):

    • Therapeutic Conditioner for Itchy Scalp
    • Intense Conditioner to tame frizz
    • Nourishing Conditioner for weekly use

    2. The E book with the method and recipes. 10 additional recipes and the method so you can refer to this at any time.

    3. Infographics that you can print and hang on the wall

    4. A PREP Session with the listing and role of the raw materials you will need for the course. Links to suppliers will be provided.

    This PREP session will outline the tools needed as well.

    Final Cost $US 27

    For less than $30, you could start on your journey of creating a lucrative line of effective hair conditioners.

    We will demystify all the complicated terms and break down the process so that your finished product far surpasses store bought versions.

    Click the Buy it now Button to enroll .


    After payment is completed, you will receive an email with the instructions for access to the Online School.

    Once you set a password, you can go into the School and begin the first part of the course that gives you a listing of raw materials and tools that you will need to complete projects.

    The video instructions for creating awesome hair conditioners will be released to you on February 26th. You will have access from that date onward. Access is unlimited. 


    This course is available at a discounted rate for the next 3 days. Click the Buy it Now Button to Enroll and you get a 25% discount. 

    Discounted Price: US $20.25

    This discount is applied automatically at Checkout.

    The discount ends on 16th February at 4 p.m.


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