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How to make Foaming Body Scrubs



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While we all love body scrubs and the squeaky clean, we are able to achieve with gentle exfoliation, foaming scrubs add just another delightful dimension to this already luxurious product.

A product that lathers is perceived to be better at cleansing than a product which yields no lather. While this is a misconception, there can be no doubt that most people enjoy profuse lather in their bath products.

In this course, we'll build on our previous body scrubs course and go step by step to create foaming variations to our body scrubs.

This is an Online course and will be delivered in our Online School.

What you will learn. 

1. How to choose the best ingredients for this product

2. The uses and benefit of each ingredient

3. How to formulate so you can create small and large sizes

4. How to mix foaming scrubs. (2 methods)

  • We will create foaming scrubs from scratch without the use of bases. 
  • You will receive in addition to course access an e booklet with recipes.
  • Participate in both the Pre recorded course and the Live Component for questions and troubleshooting. The Live part of the course outs you on the road to mastering this high in demand product. (This is optional)

This is a limited offer course and in the first release, will accept only 25 participants. 

PRE -REGISTER for 50% off

DATE OF RELEASE: This course will be made available on Monday 27th March

The Raw material Listing will be released on March 1st 2023 (delayed due to illness) New date March 15th

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