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The Ultimate Handmade Soap Creation Workshop Sunday 11th September

Out Of Stock

DATE CHANGE! Now Scheduled for Sunday 11th September


Join us to learn how to create The Ultimate in Handmade Soaps for your business. While there are MANY handmade soaps on the market VERY few stand out.

 There's more to building a successful soap business than pouring and cutting soaps. 

In this Workshop, you will learn to create Cold Process Soaps, using combinations of natural oils.

Here's what we will cover:

  • Choosing oils and oil combinations
  • Understanding Sodium Hydroxide and safety
  • The method of saponifying oils
  • Adding appropriate colours
  • Choosing and using fragrance oils
  • Creating all natural, (therapeutic soaps) with essential oils
  • How to cure soaps

You will also receive 2 e books

How to make Handmade Soaps: Book including recipes


Handmade Soap Gifts from the Caribbean

All raw materials will be provided on workshop day. 

A supplier Listing will also be provided

Certificate of Participation

 Details at a glance

 Workshop Duration: 4.5 hours

Type of Soaps: Cold Process

Date of Workshop: Sunday11th September, 2022

Price: TT$ 1500 or US$223 

If you have a discount code, please use it at Check Out.

 Workshop Venue: The Taboui Curepe (corner Phillip and Mc Donnel Streets, Curepe)

Start Time: 10 a.m.


First Citizens Account: 2203480

(Handmade Soaps of Tobago)

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