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For many entrepreneurs, a website may be the (not so) secret key missing for maximum exposure. 

A web store offers your business the possibility of being open for business 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

It offers you, the owner of a growing business the ability to build a relationship with your customers through your own website.

While it is great to utilise online marketplaces, these do not give you ownership of your customer information or enough flexibility to present in exactly the way YOU want.

Let us build your website for you.

Choose from a simple store marketing a single product or a more complex one that connects to Print on Demand platforms, Digital downloads or multiple products. 

Start with a simple website and upgrade later to a more complex one in a few months.

A fully functional website gives you an additional stream of income. Who doesn't want that?

All our stores are built on the Shopify platform. All websites delivered will be fully functional and branded to your specifications. Several consultations are necessary to deliver a website that serves your business and your customers. This is included in the costs provided. 

Here's what we offer:

  1. A simple starter website: Fully functional, branded website which features up to 10 products.
  2. A fully branded, Digital products website- ready to start selling your downloads.
  3. A website that you determine what you need. Up to 50 products.

Please note that consultation is required BEFORE paying for this service.


Prefer to build your own in the Online Course? Take the Shopify Store challenge. Sign up here

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