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How to make luxury candles at home

$12.99 $4.99

Make Luxury Candles at Home


Learn the art of creating beautiful, scented candles for your home, to give as gifts or as a start to a lucrative business.

Our beautiful e book teaches you how to make pillar candles and container candles using the appropriate raw materials and tools. More than this, we give you ideas to create unique candles you won't find everywhere.

Achieve the best quality candles every time with smooth, blemish free wax, even burning of the wick and maximum scent throw. Imagine your rooms filled with glorious fragrance from the candles that YOU made.

Match your home decor by creating any colour that you need.

Our Candle Making E Book:

  • Teaches you the method of pouring pillar candles
  • Teaches you the method of pouring container candles
  • Includes how to add colour
  • Includes how to calculate fragrance loads
  • Gives you project ideas for exquisite, original candles.

Anyone can learn the easy methods because we reveal all the minute details,(normally left out) so you are successful every time. 

This is an immediate download, so you have access as soon as payment is complete.