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Create Body Oils E Book

$9.00 $4.99

This  is a 60 page E book which focuses on the use of natural oils in skin care.

While we do use well known oils in our recipes, other, not so well- known oils are introduced. Oils that are highly recommended that you add to your raw material stash.

Download this e book for recipes that are great for all over body, every day moisture- especially for you if you have ridiculously dry skin that no lotion will help.

This book also includes recipes for effective and amazing facial oils that sell for hundreds of dollars. Combat such issues as damaged skin, acne and aging skin. Try the oils, if you've tried everything else.

Mix your own balanced perfume oils too, following our guidelines.

You'll be able to create some truly high end products using this e book. You'll be delighted at the results you get when you create and use these Oils.

Recipes include:

  • Anti Acne Facial oils (yes oils do work to alleviate acne)
  • Anti-Aging Facial oil
  • Firming Facial Oil
  • Sink quickly Facial oil for all skin types
  • Lock in moisture, all over Body Oil
  • Extra hydrating Body oil
  • Eczema Relief Body Oil
  • Formulate perfume oils using the detailed guidelines provided.
  • Tips for packaging and selling
  • Links to suggested Amazon products