Learn to make healthy, handmade soaps: 16th May


Learn to make soaps from scratch

It's definitely a new time. New times call for new approaches and new skills. Learn to make your own healthy, handmade soaps.

We'll teach you how to use the best ingredients to create a quality, beautiful handmade soap every time.

Learn the Cold Process method of soap making. We will teach you how to turn natural oils into the very best soaps.

See and feel the difference on your skin as soon as you begin using your creations. You'll never purchase another supermarket or drug store brand again.

We will provide all raw materials on workshop day.

We will create soaps together on workshop day, so you'll have the information and a bit more confidence to get started.

It's easy to make the best handmade soaps. No expensive, specialised equipment  needed! Ingredients are super easy to find!

Book your spot in this workshop with a down payment.  We're looking forward to teaching you.

Light refreshment served.



Date: Sunday 16th May 2021

Time: 10 a.m.- 2.30 p.m

Venue: The Annexe, Curepe

Price: TT700 /USD 104





NAME ON ACCOUNT: Handmade Soaps of Tobago


  • Please give the teller your name so it can be attached to your deposit. 
  • Please send a message via whatsapp (493-8118) with your name and email address as this allows us to manually book your spot in the class, once payment is received.