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How to make Amazing Lotions and Body Butters at home (pre Order)


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Finally, It is time to own the hard copy, if you like the traditional way of turning pages in a physical book, order your hard copy now.

Chronic dry skin is a persistent problem that leads to other uncomfortable skin challenges such as embarrassing itchiness; flakiness, even eczema. Store bought lotions simply don't do the trick as they use mineral oils as a base.

Natural oils are the solution to chronic dryness on your skin. When you learn to make lotions and creams at home, you have the flexibility of choosing the natural oils used to create them.

You will notice that these ingredients sink into the skin to truly nourish and moisturise the deeper layers.

Our book Lotions and Body butters teaches you how to make lotions at creams at home, easily. You'll create quality products that will surprise everyone including yourself because, you will be rewarded with changed, supple, glowing skin within a few days.


Order your Hard copy.

Once the order is placed, you will be able to pick up your hard copy on Sunday 8th June at the Annexe in Curepe.

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