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Formulating Handmade Soaps: Write your own Recipes



In this very useful online course, you will finally be free of other people's recipes (including mine) because, you'll have the ability to formulate them yourself. Generally this frees you from depending on other people for effective recipes.

What will be covered:

Fundamentals of Formulation:

  • An understanding of Saponification
  • The work of an alkali in soap formation
  • Fats and Oils in Formulation
  • Saturated and unsaturated fats
  • Anti-Oxidation
  • Additives

Calculations in Formulation

  • Maximum recommended fat percentages
  • Saponification Values
  • Batch Formulation
  • Formulating with specific oils (examples)
  • Formulating to combat specific challenges (examples)
  • Formulating for aesthetics (examples)


A Workbook will be included in this course, so that at the end, you will have recipes, written by you. 

You can opt into the Live Session for this course if you need it (Additional cost )

Assessment is optional.

You can opt into the Assessment Module of this course. This is a thorough online test, consisting of multiple choice questions as well as calculation questions. This is included in our Course option with the Live Session. (it is not included in the pre-recorded option)

Guidelines to the assessment will be provided.

Certificate of Competence will be given, once you are successful in this assessment.


This course will be presented in our Online School. These are pre-recorded modules which you can access at any time you choose. Do the assessment at any time you believe you are ready.


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