Create, Target, Brand, Sell!
Our newest offering is for YOU if you are an entrepreneur who is ready to add Handmade Soaps to your line-up of products.

Even if you are just starting off, maybe you don't yet have a business, but your intention is to master ALL the skills necessary to STAND OUT and MAKE MONEY. (No wasting time), consider doing this course written just for you.

WARNING: This course is NOT for you if:

You're looking to learn to make soaps as a hobby
You are not solution oriented (be honest)
You're a chronic complainer
You have a problem stating you want to make money with this venture

This course was designed and created for the entrepreneur who loves the handmade bath Industry and who is determined to

Create beautiful, handmade soaps that are healthy for the skin
Niche down to target a specific group of customers for a better chance of success in the Industry
Build a solid brand that everybody talks about
Market locally, regionally and internationally.

In short this course is for creative BOLD entrepreneurs who are looking to build a legacy.

It is for the entrepreneur (the risk taker) who understands and appreciates the ENTIRE process of slaying in this Industry. If you don't we're willing to teach you

We offer you the gift of skipping the trial and error phase and jump starting with winning products.

Complete Idea to Market in 8 weeks or less! Fast Track It!

This process does not have to be painfully drawn out. Traditionally, a new projects takes months even years as the enthusiasm for it is volatile.

We remove the uncertainty and doubt that can kill enthusiasm by giving you the Accelerators that you need.

We eliminate the noise to get moving on bringing a branded product to market AND if you like, even create the starter stock for you so you fast track the project.

As an add on, Design your own virtual selling space, your own website, beautifully finished to sell, sell sell.

Create beautiful, handmade soaps
This is a Trinidad Session on Sunday 24th April. Our step by step approach to handmade soap creation, makes the process easy and successful.

We are the most experienced teachers in the Region
You'll create handmade soaps designed just for your business and your customers. We'll teach you how. In other words, this is personalised for your business.
Sunday 24th April, 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

Product Finishing: Success Accelerator
We'll help you to finish the product, an often neglected step. In the business hub, you'll learn how to target the persons who are HUNGRY for your product.

We'll demystify, the wants and needs of the local, regional and international market, thereby maximising your chance of success. Create a UNIQUE finished product that obliterates the competition.

In the business hub, we get serious about product differentiation.
Online Session

Branding Hub: Accelerator
In this part of the course, you'll be able to head into the branding hub, for supplier listings (international).
Remember, packaging is KEY in this Industry, and customers are searching for products that resonate with them!
Download the hub listings for: Suggested packaging, fragrances, essential oils, so it eliminates the guesswork.
More importantly, you'll be able to select the look of your brand, claim a design and personalise it for your purpose.

The hardest work DONE FOR YOU already. Our designs are beautiful and known to work in the Industry.
In the branding hub, you fast forward the most time consuming part of the process and have your design ready in a few minutes instead.
Online Hub

Ready to develop and launch your Handmade Soap brand? Accelerate the Process with us! Accelerate your success!

We emphasize, the skill, the market and the brand in our 1,2, 3 approach,
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Receive Certificates of Participation and Excellence, once you complete the entire Business Experience.
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Success Stash Amazing Bonus
When you sign up, you'll receive starter molds, swirling tools and our Selection of 3 winning, premium (we don't do inferior fragrance) fragrances that have proven to be best sellers!
Success Bonus Winning Recipes (Amazing Value)
We will formulate, just for you, recipes that your target customer will simply LOVE! Receive your recipes in e book format.

Bonus! Fully Functional Website

Once you are set with your products, we'll set you up with a fully functional website, so you can sell, sell sell.
Conditions apply

Only 5 spots

This is NOT a mass offering. It is designed as an experience only for entrepreneurs who are serious about launching a winning product and making money doing so,

As such, we accept only 5 participants for this Business Experience.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We are so committed to ensuring that you bring a winning product to market, we will commit to giving you a full refund if you complete the Business Experience with us and are still not satisfied.
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Complete Soap Making Business Experience