You can start learning to make soaps today.

It's the perfect time to start creating your own healthy, handmade soaps!

We all want to live and maintain a healthier lifestyle. This includes what we put on our skin.

We're using natural oils to create the healthiest bars!

Create 5 Healthy Handmade Soaps in the Online Course.

Video Instructions will guide the creative process!
Oatmeal Exfoliating Bar
In the very first practical, you'll create this unscented, exfoliating bar.
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Chocolate and Vanilla Swirl
In the second practical, add natural colour (cocoa powder) and yummy fragrance.
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Layered Lavender Soap
In practical 3, learn to pour layers with this 100% natural soap.
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A Mantra Swirl Soap
In practical 4, complete a simple mantra swirl soap using two colours.
Carrot and Aloe Vera Soap
In practical 5, learn about the use of healing purees in handmade soap.
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You'll learn the method step by step

Learn the Cold Process (traditional) method to create the healthiest bars of handmade soap.
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How is the course delivered?

Our Online course is delivered through a series of videos and power point narrated slides. You will learn the theory of soap formation first and then move onto the practical aspect of the course.

Learn at your own pace

Once access is granted to the course, the course player allows you to start lessons immediately. You have complete control of course progress by choosing the modules on the left of the screen. Take lessons sequentially and follow along with the videos.

Do the lessons as many times as you like.

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You'll receive THREE Soap Making E books

Coconut Oil Soap Recipes for Beginners
A thorough step by step with recipes that all use coconut oil so you get LOTS and LOTS of lather in the finished bars.
How to make handmade soaps
The step by step presented in the course as well as great starter (easy to follow) recipes.
Handmade Soap Gifts from the Caribbean.
Soap projects that produce beautiful and therapeutic soaps made with healing ingredients from the Caribbean.

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Once you complete your purchase, you'll receive immediate access to the course as well as the 3 e books. Remember, access is lifetime access. You can do the course as many times as you like.

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Immediate access
Once you've completed your payment, you will receive an email with a few minutes, directing you to the course, where you can begin immediately. If you do not wish to start immediately, you can begin at any time that is convenient to you by using the same link,
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