Liquid Soaps, Shampoo, Shower gels and Bubble Baths! Create yours!

How Liquid soaps differ from hard bars
The raw materials and tools needed for the successful completion of projects.
The step by step method of putting the ingredients together (video presentations)
Creating thick, luxurious gels
The Addition of colours
The addition of fragrance

You will learn the exact, step by step method of creating transparent liquid soaps that we use, including attention to common pitfalls in the process and how to avoid them.

You will receive:
In addition to our lessons, you will receive our liquid soap E book, which also contains the step by step method and recipes.

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If you have never made soap...

If you have never made any type of handmade soap before, it is highly recommended you start with a Beginner Cold Process (hard bars) before attempting the liquid soap process. (this course can be added at Checkout )
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Create your own liquid soap, shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath