Create Body Butters that will change the look of your skin with the VERY FIRST USE

Live Virtual Course. Sunday 27th November 2022

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Create and enjoy using creamy ,silky butters that will amaze everyone who tries it.

Start loving your glowy skin again after 1 use.

Master the process of creating Butters with the best instruction on the internet.

Eliminate ineffective, store bought Body Butters and Lotions from your home now.

You need Body Butters that are effective and safe for your entire family.

Get rid of:

Body Butters with questionable, hard to pronounce ingredients

Butters that sit on top the skin with a greasy or sticky feel

Body Butters that disappear in four hours to leave you with uncomfortable dryness

Butters that smell great but are unhealthy

Butters that promise relief, but don't deliver on their promise

You've tried just about EVERYTHING to relieve, the embarrassing itching and flakiness, yet so far NOTHING has given you long term results.
You are not alone in this struggle.
People of ALL ages, babies too, suffer from dry skin conditions that can seriously affect the quality of life you live.

It seems that these cases are on the rise.

 And yet, the relief that you seek is right within your grasp, easier than ever to attain.
The answer involves you taking control of what you put on your skin and taking further control of what all family members use as well.

Creating your own Body Butters should be as routine as your weekly run to the store. 
Now more than ever, creating truly effective and luxury butters is easy ANd way more economical than store bought.

Learn to create best Body Butters you'll ever use in 3 hours!

I'm asking you to give me THREE hours of your time to change the way you moisturise forever!

In those three hours, I can equip you to create your own Body Butters and Lotions AND I promise that you'll be so impressed that you'll never purchase store bought again.

I can break down exactly what this Live Virtual Body Butter course entails..

1. Session 1 is a pre-recorded session which explains the raw materials and tools that you will need to purchase so that you can create with me on the November 27th. (Immediately Available)

2. You'll also immediately receive three recipes written by me and for which you can purchase the raw materials. It is up to you whether you will create 1 or all three butters on the day. This streamlines and simplifies the raw material purchase process.

3. The Live Session will consist , firstly of the theoretical breakdown of butter creation-so that you create from an informed place, from a place of knowledge and understanding. (1 hour)

4. The Live Session will also consist of the practical segment where you are guided step by step through Body Butter creation- so you get a feel for the process with me in the  virtual "room". This almost eliminates the probability that you will make errors in the process. (1 hour 15 minutes)

5. The "Cool Down" is the final segment of the Live when we wait for our butters to achieve a creamy consistency and finish up with packaging. We will also spend 20 minutes discussing common pitfalls and challenges so you can avoid these from the beginning.

We will:

Simplify the process for you by eliminating the noise of information overload, common on the internet.

Build your confidence by giving you a system of creation- an 8 step method you can use every time.

Move you to a place of inspiration so you are excited to create.

Accelerate your success by providing you with the suggested raw material suppliers.

Give you our newest e Book with additional recipes that are laser focused on specific skin challenges

Give you a trouble shooting guide so you can avoid common mistakes.

Give you a recording of the live session so you have all the information delivered on the day at your disposal.

Provide you with the support and guidance that you need to in a new process.

We're guiding you every step of the way and guaranteeing your successful projects- something no other instructor will offer.

Create ONE or all THREE butters on the day!

1. An all over Body Butter for Everyday use and safe for everyone in the family.

2. A Body Butter formulated to pull moisture onto the skin. Alleviates the symptoms of eczema.

3. A Put the Glow Back facial  moisturiser for skin that's dull and aging.

Download the 3 Recipes when you enroll

How this works:
Once you enroll in the course, you will receive within a few minutes this Body Butter Recipe Booklet.
This Booklet contains:
1. The recipes we will use on Live Session Day
2. The listing of ingredients you need
3. The Listing of simple tools you need
4. A link to sign into the Online School.  This is the platform we will use to deliver all other resources for the Live Virtual.

What's the Cost?

Cost : US $90

Our Introductory price for this intensive, effective training is deliberately affordable.

Many are desperately seeking an easy and quick solution to parched, cracked, itchy, sometimes spotty skin.

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We offer a discount to the first 10 persons who sign up. Your final cost? US$45. You get the FULL course for half price, just for being early!

Click the Enroll Now Button to grab the discounted rate.
Our Early Bird rate is SOLD OUT. Use your discount code to access 50% off..

Your Instructor

Lisa-Marie Griffith is an experienced formulator and practitioner and has been a pioneer in the handmade Bath and Body Industry for more than 20 years.
As an instructor she has taught thousands throughout the Region.

Additionally Lisa Marie
Has written several books on the creation of soaps, lotions, butters , candles and more..

Has worked with community groups to train and empower women in particular.

Has developed formulations and products for Companies (currently on the market)

Has assisted in the writing of Standards for the Industry (National Training Agency)

Has established an Online School which specialises in the teaching of artisanal bath and body products.

She is known to be a thorough and engaging online host.

Here are the Bonuses

An Additional Virtual Session at an agreed date dedicated to dealing with questions and challenges you've observed. 
This Session also deals with Labelling requirements (Free)

Additional Recipes, especially for Body Butter Gifts, including Flavoured Lip Balms

Set of Editable Label Templates. (Labels done for you. Free)

Satisfaction Guaranteed or your Money Back!

We're committed to your success.

Once you take this course, we're guaranteeing your satisfaction with our service. That's how confident we are that you'll LOVE this course and the Butters you create.

Everything You get at a glance
1. An immediate Download of The 3 Recipes we will use on the day along with raw material and tool listing

2. Access to our Zoom Live Session (3 hours) On Sunday 27th November.

3. Additional Live Session to deal with any challenges experienced and Label requirements.

4. Additional E Book with recipes which target psoriasis, eczema, chronic dryness.

5. Set of Editable Label Templates

6. Certificate of completion

7. A 50% discount if you sign up now. (offered to our first 10). Early Bird Spaces are sold out

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