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How to hot process handmade soaps: A workshop- Sunday 7th February 2021

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How to cut down curing time in Handmade Soaps

This workshop is SOLD OUT

There's no doubt that Cold process soaps are the epitome of luxury handmade soaps. Sometimes, as the soap creator, you simply cannot wait for that 6 week curing time.

Learn how to hot process handmade soaps and cut curing time down to a week. 

Forget unsightly chunky looking soaps. We will show you how to create beautiful, smooth hot processed soaps that everyone will love. Our new E book is included which provides the recipes, the method and great ideas.

What are the great aspects of hot processing?

  1. True colours are achieved
  2. Superfatting is easily done
  3. Soaps use less fragrance oils
  4. Little to no fading of fragrance
  5. Soaps are ready within the week.

You must book a spot to participate. 

Sign up for Hot Process Soap making scheduled for the end of January.

You should have some experience with Cold Process Soap Making to take this class.

Quick details:

DATE: Sunday 7th February 2021

TIME: 10 a.m. -2 p.m.

VENUE: The ANNEXE: Curepe.

COST: $TT700 (USD104 )- Full Payment Price

Book with a half payment. The balance becomes due on the day of the workshop. You pay TT750 if you book with a half payment.

PAYMENT 1: TT$375 (USD56)

PAYMENT 2: TT375 (USD 56)

Light refreshments served.

NOTE:  Guidelines for health apply.

  • Masks must be worn for the duration of this workshop.
  • Sanitising of hands upon entry
  • Social Distancing
  • Participants who exhibit flu symptoms will not be allowed entry.