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Coaching : Business or Product Development




If you've taken the courses and even launched your business, but you are struggling to make any real progress, why not consider a coaching session or two? 

Coaching with a mentor can save you time and money as the process brings the experience to you, that you don't already have.

Instead of trial and error, figuring out what works and what doesn't, do a preliminary, free consultation to determine if one on one coaching is for you.

What we offer in coaching sessions.

1. One on one, online sessions that go straight to heart of the challenges. (so we waste no time in solving key challenges)

2. A roadmap to recovery and ultimate success. (so solutions are provided. We prefer and provide actionable tips)

3. Resources that facilitate your progress

4. Customised recipes IF this is required.

5. Practical virtual sessions that guide the creation of the product with supervision.

6. Mindset shift sessions.

7. Pricing Sessions

8. Branding Sessions

COST OF COACHING: Coaching is charged by the hour. You can pay as you need. Remember, ultimately, sound coaching saves you time and costly mistakes.

Price: US$45 per hour


We refund you if you are not satisfied with the service.

SCHEDULE A FREE 15 Minute Consultation to see if Coaching is right for you

Book a free consultation (15 minutes) to determine whether this is right for you.

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