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Amazing Lotions and Body Butters. Book (Hard Copy)

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 Amazing Lotions and Body Butters is a how to physical book for those who love turning actual pages. It teaches the exact method of creating moisturisers for the skin which are emulsions.

The books presents beautifully, both the step by step method to create, as its name suggests, amazing body butters and lotions that your dry skin will love.

This book

  • Simplifies the process of creating emulsions, breaking it into a step by step so you are successful in your mixing.
  • Provides a detailed breakdown of raw materials so you keep your emulsions safe and healthy.
  • Explains the concept of preserving your lotions and butters so you have a long shelf life and little to no wastage.
  • Distinguishes between preserving and anti-oxidation so you avoid the common mistake of thinking they are the same.
  • Provides photographs of the method so you can be clear on the process
  • Gives a variety of recipes so you have a wide choice of butters and lotions for different purposes.

RECIPE MENU. Twenty one Recipes Provided

  • All over Body Lotion
  • Cocoa Butter Lotion
  • Super Moisturising Orange Peel Lotion
  • Very Light Coconut Lemongrass Lotion
  • Sweet Dreams Lotion
  • Mango Smoothie Lotion
  • Pregnant Belly Lotion
  • Haitian Shea Butter Lotion
  • Mosquito Repellant Lotion
  • Soothing Aloe Vera Lotion
  • Anti-Aging Rose Hip Facial Lotion
  • Rich Cocoa Body Butter
  • Luxury Coffee Body Butter
  • Rose Gold Shimmer Butter
  • Coconut and Chocolate Body Butter
  • Oatmeal, Milk and Honey Body Butter
  • Vanilla Whipped Butter
  • All over Butter
  • Tingly Mint Butter for the feet
  • Say Goodbye to the Itch Body Butter
  • A facial moisturiser

Purchase this book if you

  • Need a fast, effective solution for chronic, dry uncomfortable skin
  • Want to start creating healthier lotions and body butters for your entire family
  • Want to start a home based business in a growing industry

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