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What happens when you sign up for an Online Course?

What happens when you sign up for an Online Course?

When you sign up for any one of our Online courses, you are directed to our Online School: The Creative Learning Academy.

Within a few minutes of completing your payment, you should receive a Welcome E mail which directs you to the school and prompts you to set up your password.


If you did not receive the email, it is ok. You can access the school here>

Use the email address you provided upon sign up and enter your password.
If you have not set up a password, you will be prompted to do so.
If you have forgotten your password, please whatsapp 868 493 8118 for a password reset.
Signing up for any one of our courses means your account will display all the courses for which  you registered on the student dashboard, Click on the course to access it.
Even if you miss the launch date, the course will be available to you any time you like from that date. Our launch date is simply the date that the course becomes available.
Log into the school at any time (save your sign in info) to do any aspect of the course at any time you choose.
The Online School utilises a course player which delivers lessons/ modules in a sequential manner. You can navigate the lessons by clicking on any one, but it is recommended that you complete the course in the order we have presented.
The course is delivered through text lessons, video instructions and supporting e book downloads
You will be allowed to download e books and printables for this course, however you will not be allowed to download the video instructions. This can be streamed at any time you need.
Support is provided to you through our facebook community where you can, through our group, ask for such things as sources of raw materials or solutions to any challenges you may be experiencing.