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What does a Certificate of Participation mean?

What does a Certificate of Participation mean?

As more and more artisans enter the handmade bath and body Industry, the future requires that certification should be initiated.

There is a VERY common misconception regarding what a certificate of participation means. A certificate of participation acknowledges that a workshop/course or class was completed. It does NOT qualify you in any way. In other words, it does not certify you.

This misconception is one major reason why we have always been skeptical about issuing them. 

Certification which qualifies you, requires assessment or testing. This assessment is not arbitrary. To be valid, it must be linked to some agreed standard. It is the assessment which deems you competent in the particular skill.

While certification may become crucial in the future as more and more persons enter this Industry, it is possible that you can master all the skills necessary to build a lucrative business without being assessed.

Create products using the highest standards and follow the international law regarding ingredient use, packaging and labelling. 

At the moment, we are developing certified programs.