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We want to tell your story!

We want to tell your story!

Hey Creative entrepreneur,

Believe or not, people are inspired by your story and we want to tell it. If you are a creative client of ours, who has accessed our courses, read an e book or taken our workshops- enjoyed some part of the journey with us, share the joy (and the pains).

We're starting a Meet the Maker series which takes a look at your finished products but focuses on your process and the things that truly drive the Creative You. 

The Series has many benefits for many persons.

  • It gives you some exposure and perhaps, introduces your brand to a wider customer base.
  • It gives new creatives the inspiration to keep moving, despite the challenges.
  • It gives us a gauge as to what is needed to propel the Industry forward. 

 Our Meet the Maker Series of interviews are presented in print and sometimes on the new You Tube Channel. 

It's intended to promote Caribbean creatives who deserve more exposure. 

Please message us to get an the application form .

(868) 493 8118