Create the Ultimate Handmade Soaps for your Business !
Sunday 1st May

Want to know why it seems that everyone is making and selling handmade soaps? Because they sell!
The Handmade Soap Industry is worth BILLIONS and growing.
Once you learn how to create the ultimate, handmade soaps, you simply won't be able to make them fast enough.

Is this a Crowded Market? Yes, of course it is... BUT..once you learn to create great soaps, you can also demolish the competition.

In this workshop, we will teach how to create premium, handmade bars of soap, but we'll go a step further and show you how YOUR business can stand out in the Marketplace.

Formulate and Create!

We'll show you how to formulate premium, handmade soaps to suit your customer's needs.
We will create soaps together and FINISH our bars because tiny details make a HUGE difference!

Our emphasis will be on the HEALTH of the skin, that is, creating handmade bars that benefit the skin and combat skin challenges.

This workshop is specifically designed for the entrepreneur who is not afraid to be the best in the Industry and who wants to give careful consideration to the BUSINESS of Soap Selling as well.

Details at a glance

Workshop Date: Sunday 1st May
Venue: The Annexe, Curepe, Trinidad
Time: 10 a.m.
Note: All Workshop raw materials will be included and available on the day.
Price: TT$1500
Certificate of Completion: Conditions Apply.
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Certificate of Completion

All participants in this Workshop are eligible for a Completion Certificate.

Complete two practicals (after workshop day) to demonstrate understanding of the concepts.

BONUS: Starter Stash

Because we know that you will be fired up and ready to start when you leave, we will give you a starter stash. The raw materials you need to complete a 2 lb soap batch, premeasured!

Additionally, we'll give you the e books with the method reminders and LOTS of recipes!

We'll also give you a listing of local suppliers as well as the online suppliers of raw materials that we love.

Book your spot now BEFORE they are all gone. Very Limited Spaces. (This is our most popular workshop)

Bonus! Access to our Liquid Soap Virtual Live Workshop

Amazing bonus of access to our Virtual Live Liquid Soap Workshop in July.
Create amazing Shampoos and Shower Gels that are thick and luxurious.
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The Ultimate Handmade Soaps for your Business