Activated Charcoal and Cocoa Soap: Free Recipe

Create this easy, yet stunning handmade soap using the Cold Process. This particular bar was unscented, but you can always choose to include fragrance or essential oils if you like.

If you do choose to include fragrance, you MUST check to ensure that trace will not be accelerated with its inclusion.

This recipe is intended for persons who are already familiar with the Cold Process of creating handmade soap.

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The Recipe


16 ounces grape seed oil
14 ounces coconut oil
2 ounces olive oil


4.7 ounces lye crystals
12 ounces distilled water


1.5 tbs Activated Charcoal
1,5 tbs plain, unsweetened cocoa powder
1.5 ounces fragrance oil (optional)

Tips on the pouring method
Add the fragrance at the point of trace, before adding the colourants.
Divide the soap batter into three portions: Colour one with the activated charcoal and the other with the cocoa powder.
Pour this soap in a wide mold to achieve this pattern. Pour thin layers, alternating the colours. Pour the colours one inside the other.
Pouring pattern
Once you've finished pouring, use a knife and drag it in the soap batter lengthwise. Repeat this along the width as well.
Allow the soap to harden in the mold for 24-48 hours.
Quick tips
If you need to, you can place the soap in the freezer for 10 minutes for easy removal from the mold.
Cut into bars immediately
Allow the soaps to cure for 30 days.
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Free Recipe: Activated Charcoal and Cocoa