Complete Bath and Body Kit for 8 teens.

We've designed a creative way for your teen to host a spa party with 7 friends.

Choose 3 Spa products and we will design the complete kit for you INCLUDING all packaging and tools needed.

Here's what the Deluxe kit contains

1. Body Butter Creation Activity
You'll receive a body butter base
16 jars
2 fragrances
Cosmetic grade glitter
Mixing bowl
Handmade Soap Making
You will receive:
Soap base (transparent)
16 single Soap molds
2 soap colours
2 soap fragrances
16 transparent bags
Lip gloss creation Activity
You will receive
Lip gloss base
16 lip gloss tubes
1 lip gloss tint
lip glitter 8 droppers
2 lipgloss flavours
pouring cups
mixing spoons
3. Personalised tote bags
Spa girls need their own tote bags. You'll receive in this kit 8 personalised tote bags.
4. Personalised hang tags
Finish up product creation with the cutest, personalised hang tags!

ALL included in the kit and you can personalise the experience!

Pick a theme and colour scheme and we will work with you to design label colour scheme.
(We will not use branded themes /trademarked themes)

This kit also includes online instructions for each activity. You choose between pre-recorded instructions or book live instruction (1 hour, online) with one of our experienced instructors.

Order a Teen Spa Party Kit 30 days in advance of the event.
Order Now
Order Now

What happens after you purchase?

After purchase is completed, we work with you to finalise all the details of the personalised aspects of the Party.

A delivery date will be provided. Please note that orders must be made AT LEAST 30 days in advance of the event.

Still not sure? Call 868 493 8118 for a free consultation.


Teen Spa Party Kit: Personalised for your teen