Learn how to create AMAZING Body Butters.

One of the easiest body products to create is body butters. There are however, important considerations if they are to effectively moisturise and have a shelf life.

Learn how to create boutique quality body butters for your entire family (baby included) or for business.

CREATE: True anhydrous (without water) butters for the most effective moisture.
Intense moisture butters great for the driest skin. Combats flakiness and itching.
CREATE: Designer, silky butters that focus on moisture and amazing fragrance.
Forget the brand name butters that are packed with chemicals. Create your own designer butters in an hour.
CREATE: A gentle butter perfect for sensitive skin and babies
Create a safe and gentle all over moisturiser that also repels mosquitoes and soothes the mind.

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Start your journey to moisturised, glowy skin.

Master the skill of body butter creation through an understanding of important ingredients.

Confidently create silky, healthy body butters because you will be coached by experienced practitioners

Observe the change in your own skin as it transforms from itchy, scaly, irritated and dry to glowy, moisturised and amazing!

Gain the expertise to consider this skill as your journey to an incredible side income.

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ANSWER: After your payment is completed, you will be sent an email within a few minutes inviting you to set a password in the Online School. Once this is completed, you can access the course.

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ANSWER: Course Duration depends entirely on you. The course covers, theory; involves THREE practical modules; labelling; Business tips. Its duration depends on your rate of access and your commitment to completing the practical work.

QUESTION: Will I get a Certificate?
ANSWER. Certification requires testing which we do not do at this time in the Online setting.
A do provide a document which acknowledges completion, once you meet the criteria.

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Learn to create Amazing Body Butters