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How to get an Acknowledgement of Completion Document

How to get an Acknowledgement of Completion Document

If you've taken an online course with us, you will know that certain requirements must be met before  we consider the course completed. You can receive an Acknowledgement of Completion Document from us. This is an E Document which you can print.

When you apply for this document, you understand that it does not certify you. It is our Acknowledgement that you have completed a course with us and you have passed our online assessment.


To be eligible:

1. You must have completed all the lessons in the course. (As shown on the course activity report, accessed by us)

2. You have sent clear photographs of TWO completed projects.

3. You complete a 15 minute oral assessment , via zoom on a date convenient to you. This assessment will test your understanding of key concepts in the skill.

Once you have completed the interview and have met all other criteria, we will email your Acknowledgement Document if you are successful. You will also be informed if you are not successful. 

Cost: US $9.99

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