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Download organised collections of recipes to create luxury, quality bath and body products.
Say goodbye (forever) to dull, imperfect skin. Use the power of nature and reject chemical laden cosmetics. The result? Gorgeous, glowy skin from the products you created yourself.

Download our E book collection for all the recipes you need for the cleanest, supple, luminous skin.

Share your joy by creating these AMAZING products in a winning, home based business.

No more scouring the net or You Tube for the perfect recipe.

Download our organised collection of tried recipes in our E books to create:
Handmade Soaps
Body Butters
All over lotions
Body scrubs
Body Oils
Massage Oils
Shower Gels
Bubble Baths

Here are the E books you will receive right now!


E Book 1 (cleansers): How to make handmade soaps.
Create superior skin cleansers. Natural, handmade soaps using the Cold Process. Results: Squeaky, clean skin. Learn the method and use the easy to follow recipes.
E book 2: (Cleansers) Liquid Soaps
The Liquid soap creation process uses only natural oils. Make shower gels, bubble baths and shampoos.
Learn the method and follow the recipes to create thick, luxurious gels.
E book 3: (cleansers).
Create more exotic soaps with this specialty e book that gives the step by step for creating therapeutic soaps using traditional therapies such as turmeric, ginger, chocolate, yogurt and more. Recipes included. (100 pages)


E Book 4: (all over moisturisers)
Create Body butters and Lotions that make a real difference on the skin, even with the first use. Silky Body Butters and Lotions that sink into the skin quickly, yet lock in moisture.
Learn with the methods and easy to follow recipes.


E Book5: (exfoliate) Body Scrubs, Body Sprays and Body Oils
Create scrubs that effectively remove dead skin to reveal natural luminosity.
This E book also contains recipes for body oils, massage oils and body sprays.

What You will find inside each e book.

The exact method we teach in our face to face workshops to create each product. Photos included

A description of ingredients so you will understand why you need them.

A shopping list of must have tools for successful creation of these products.

Tried and true recipes to create healthy, winning products

So many benefits!

Convenient organisation of the recipes and methods.
Step by step instructions.
Continued support through our Facebook Creatives group
Effective, finished products- they work!
Mastery of new skills
Easy and low cost start up if you want to do business
Healthy profit margins
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You'll LOVE these bonuses!

Bonus 1: Let's Make beautiful candles E book
Learn how to pour both pillars and container candles using our step by step method. Project ideas provided.

Bonus 2: Hang tags and Drop in Cards! 10 Downloads

Today, you'll also get an e booklet with 10 bonus tags. Include them when your projects are completed, if you have a business and want to take it to another level.
Bonus 3 E book Mini: Tips on Labelling
Key things you need to know when labelling your handmade bath and body for sale.

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Beautiful books

Our E books are beautiful, with inspiring photographs and easy to read layouts.
Learn the methods with step by step photographs.
Author Profile
My name is Lisa-Marie Griffith. I have been teaching Bath and Body creation for over 20 years. I have done workshops in Trinidad, Barbados and Tobago, teaching my clients how to create handmade soaps, body butters, lotions, scented candles, shampoos and much more.
I wrote these books understanding that not everyone may have access to workshops. The idea is to empower by providing reliable and trusted information for the creation of healthy bath and body products, whether for personal use or for business.

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How will I receive the e books after I pay?
You will receive links in your email, a few minutes after payment is completed. Use these links to download each e book.

In what format are the e books delivered?
E books are delivered in pdf and can therefore be read on any device.

What types of payments are accepted?
Credit card payments are accepted via our website. Mastercard users must use PAYPAL (also on the website) to complete payment.

What if I don't receive the email after I pay?
Support is available and this can easily be fixed if you send a whatsapp message to 868 493 8118

Are raw materials easily accessible?
Raw materials and ingredients for these projects are widely available.

Do I need specialty tools and equipment to start a business?
No large investment is required. You can start small. A digital scale and immersion blender are two crucial tools.

Can I do an Online transfer to complete payment?
Online transfers are accommodated in some cases . Please Whats App (868) 493 8118 for the guidelines.
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