Create Body Oils that make a difference! Online Course

Create Body Oils that sell: An Online Course.

One of our most demanded courses, learn how to create luxury, silky body oils that do a great job of delivering authentic moisture to the skin.
We emphasize the use of natural , base (carrier) oils which penetrate the skin and can therefore, deliver great health benefits.

The truth is that oils combinations can be formulated to deliver different benefits, very much in demand today.

All over Body Oils

Therapeutic Massage Oil Blends

Perfume oils

Infused Oils

Facial oils

Whether you create one type of oil or you create them all is up to you. Any one of these Body oil types have great potential in the Industry.

Consider specialising in the creation of body oils today.

Learning Outcome1 : The benefits of natural, base oils.
Develop a keen understanding of the characteristics of selected base/carrier oils such as sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, grape seed oil and more.

Other Learning Outcomes

Differentiate between base oils, essential oils, infused oils and fragrance oils.

Understand base oil combinations and which work best

Learn which oils are better suited to which products and why.

Learn how to combine fragrance with the base oils in varying proportions.

Appreciate when essential oils are better than fragrance oils

Learn the characteristics of commonly used essential oils and suggested combinations for skin health benefits.

Discover other natural additives that can make your products stand out.

Understand oxidation and how to slow it down

Learn the technique of infusing oils for later use.

Find the perfect packaging for your products.

Here's what we will create

All over Body Oils
Learn how to combine ingredients to create a silky, body oil for all over body use. Lock moisture into the skin effectively. Perfect for chronic dryness.
Facial Oils
Create facial oils that match the make up of the skin, so that they are effective but not sticky or uncomfortable.
Perfume Oils
Create this luxury product with complex fragrance blends. The result? Truly high end perfume oils that are mystical and log lasting.
Massage Oils
While therapy should be left to the professionals, we will present the Industry norms in creating massage oils which have body and mind benefits.
Infused Oils
Learn how to multiply the value of a base oil by infusing with herbs and florals.

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How will this course be delivered?

This course will be delivered in our Online School.

Lessons will be presented via video presentations as well as text presentations in a sequential manner.

Access is unlimited. This means you will be able to do the course as many times as you like.


Create Body oils that sell.