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Poster Printable Bundle: Bubbly Mango Soap



Bubble Mango Soap Poster

Our first printable in our poster Collection is a Mango Handmade Soap. It can be created with mango puree or mango fragrance oil, so that the handmade bar lives up to its name.

The poster is beautifully finished with the recipe to create this soap. Three very convenient sizes are provided for you.


8. 5 X 11. Letter size for convenient at home printing

11 X17 for a larger size print that can be done at the print shop

16x 20 for larger spaces. Should be professionally printed.

Files are provided in pdf so they remain as they were designed with crisp detail and vibrant colours.

Step by step:

  • Download the files immediately after payment is made
  • Unzip the files (easy)
  • Select the size poster you need 
  • Print
  • Frame


These are available at an additional cost. 


With this order, as it is our first poster, (more added every week), two bonus posters will be provided.

1. Reminder Poster. Step by step soap making method

2. Troubleshooting Poster. Suggested challenges and how to solve them.

 Send a whats app if you want a specific poster (868 493 8118)

Posters are very convenient references that you can use to transform your creative space. They are an economical way to purchase the recipes that you use regularly.

Introductory Discount  Applies at Checkout

Price with discount: 0.99


Posters are intended for customers who already know how to make Cold Process Soaps. If you don't, you may want to consider our Online Soap Making Course here

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