Transparent Soap-Hard Bars: Online Workshop

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This workshop has no face to face alternative-it is offered only online. This is a hot process, but in this technique, the finished soap is transparent. Please note that this is NOT Melt and Pour. We are creating transparent soaps from scratch to ensure that our soaps are healthy.

These soaps will be beautiful bars that can readily take colour and fragrance and have the added benefit of LOTS of lather.

This online course is divided in THREE lessons which you can access at any time, once the class is launched. We have included lots of pictures and videos, so the process is easy to follow and duplicate. Additionally, you will receive Workshop notes and instructions ready to download at any time. 

You are advised that Cold Process Soap making is an important pre-requisite for this Course.

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Here is a guide to what will be covered in three sessions.

Session 1:

An Introduction to transparent, hard bars. The difference between these and Cold processed bars. 

  • An outline of the tools needed
  • A look at ingredients and why each was chosen. 
  • An outline of ingredients which ensure clarity of the finished bar.

Session 2: First stage mixing of ingredients. Preparing to hot process, stage 1

Session 3: Processing soap to clarity, The addition of fragrance and colour, Molding and De molding.

Our first students receive a discounted rate. Access to this online workshop begins on Sunday 31st March. Once you complete payment, you will receive unlimited access to this online course.