The Handbook for Caribbean Soapers ( hard copy)

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 The Handbook for Caribbean Soapers is the only book online that recognises the challenges of creating soaps in the Caribbean. The book therefore, has been written with the Caribbean practitioner in mind.

You'll get very detailed, step by step instructions to formulate your own soaps, using the raw materials which are available to you. Additionally, if you choose not to formulate, you'll receive ready to go recipes to start creating beautiful, handmade soaps. Use your soaps to heal skin challenges or as simply, a healthier choice in your home. Start a business with your brand of soaps too. The world awaits your creativity. Recipes include

  • Almond and Ginger Soap
  • Chocolate Mint Swirl
  • Caribbean Castile
  • Bay and Lemongrass
  • Goat's Milk and Honey

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