Soap Pouring Event: Thursday 6th August


This is the first of our soap pouring Events. Join the class on Thursday 4th August to pour two batches of creamy, beautiful soaps.

If you've already taken the cold Process class with us, whether in person or online, here is an opportunity to complete a guided pouring session as practice.

We will provide all the raw materials on the day. Recipes will also be provided

This is a short session. Just two and a half hours but we will complete pouring both soaps by then.

We will also share ideas on finishing and packaging your soaps for sale.

Our pouring events are open ONLY to persons who have ALREADY completed a Cold Process Soap Making Class.  It is a guided practice, pouring session.

This session is for you IF:

  • You have taken the course, but don't have the confidence to move further.
  • You procrastinate and need the push forward.
  • You've experienced challenges and want to see the process in front of you.

Date: Thursday 4th August

Time: 10.30 a.m.-1.p.m.

Venue: The Annexe, Curepe

Cost: TT 250 (USD 37.31)

Limited Spaces