Shower Gel Base


Try our thick Shower Gel base which lathers up with LOTS of bubbles.

Add fragrance of your choice (cosmetic grade fragrances). We recommend 3-6% of a modified fragrance. Alternatively, test the fragrance in the gel before adding to the whole batch. Add  skin safe colour, bottle and brand.

Our shower gels are created with natural oils which are carefully saponified. (Coconut oil, grape seed oil and castor oil) These gels are a healthy alternative to chemical filled shower gels currently on the market.

Perfect for you if you want to sell Bath collections that consider health first.

Alternatively, you can use our gel as a Body Scrub Base. (As us how)


Shelf Life: 2 years.

All our bases are freshly made for you,


Our bases are created especially for entrepreneurs, the business owner who wants to easily add luxury products to their line up. Minimum order 10 lbs

PRICING: TT$70 per lb or US$10.29 per lb

TOTAL: 10lbs TT$700 or US$ 103

Try it out:

Try out our 2lb batch : $TT150 or US$ 22.05


Pick Up your order: Orders can be picked up at our venue in Curepe. 

This product is not available outside Trinidad and Tobago