Refresher Course (Group members) : Body Scrubs: Sunday 10th April


On Sunday 10th April, we're creating beautiful all over Body Scrubs and Facial Scrubs. 

While you may have taken this workshop before, you believe a refresher is just the thing you need.

Join us for your Refresher spot (there are only 3) and enjoy added benefits this time around.

  • Course has been updated to include facial scrubs
  • We take a deeper look at exfoliants.
  • New recipes provided (not available elsewhere)


Offer is open to  Members of Scents of the Caribbean Soap Makers (facebook group)

Offer is open ONLY to participants who have already completed the Scrub Workshop (face to face) and need a refresher. (you will be refunded if you do not meet this requirement and still register)

Samples will not be provided.


Workshop Details:

Date: Sunday 10th April

Time: 10 a.m.

Price: TT350 (US 52)