Online courses Gift Card


Give a gift of access to ALL our Online courses. Create handmade soaps, body butters, body scrubs, body oils, liquid soaps. Learn to price the handmade products you make.

Once you purchase this Gift Card, your recipient will be given access to ALL our Online courses. Learn to create the following products in each of these courses. 

1. Cold Process Soap Making

2, Body Butters

3. Body Scrubs

4. Liquid Soap Making

5. Candle Making

6. Body oils

7. Pricing.

Enrolled students learn at their own pace. Access is unlimited and they can do the courses as many times as they like. This gift card gives an all access pass to all these courses. 


What happens after you purchase?

Once you purchase this gift card, please send a message to 868 493 8118 with the recipient's details. We will need their name and email address. Your e gift card will be sent to the recipient with the instructions of how they can redeem it.