Lotions and Body Butters: How to make your own healthy lotions and body butters at home


Authentic moisture for dry skin is the key to combating a number of skin ailments such as eczema, psoriasis, chronic dryness, itchiness, and flaking.

With the most updated information, it is surprisingly easy to create healthy lotions and body butters of the best quality right at home.

Big Companies create and sell highly fragrant lotions and body butters that do not nourish or truly moisturise so your skin dries out very quickly.

Take charge of your skin's health by creating your own moisturisers that sink into the skin to truly nourish all skin layers. 

Learn how in our very thorough e book. Learn how to combine the best ingredients to create creamy, yet light lotions and butters that have no sticky feel. Your skin will look different immediately!

Add fragrance or essential oils for added benefit.

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