Lotions and Body Butters- A Tobago Workshop:


Learn how to make your own Lotions and Body Butters

Lotions and Body Butters are stay on applications that can really affect the overall health of the body- not just the skin.
This is why it is so important to take control of what we put on our skin to moisturise.
Learn how to make your own luxurious all over body lotions and creamy body butters using natural oils.
We use coconut oil, grape seed oil, sunflower oil, avocado oil , shea butter, mango butter and more to come up with the very best solutions to combat the driest skin,
In this hand on workshop you will learn
  • How to choose the best ingredients to create butters and lotions
  • How to combine ingredients so you get the best products every time
  • How to include fragrances and /or essential oils for added therapeutic value
  • Why anti-oxidation is important
  • Why preservative use is important

You'll fall in love with the products you will create. Never purchase lotions or body butters again! You'll love your skin too and will see the difference with the very first use.

Receive the method and easy to follow recipes in our e book. Free with this class.

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How to label your products to be compliant with International Law.
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VENUE: The Ajoupa, Kariwak
TIME: 10 a.m -2 p.m.