Hot Process Soap Making, Trinidad-January 26th 2020

Sold out

Sunday 26th January 2020

This Workshop is SOLD OUT

Tired of waiting for weeks for your beautiful handmade soaps to cure? Learn how to cut down on curing time by using a Hot Process.

Handmade Soaps created using a hot process use less fragrance. They can be superfatted with the most luxurious oils and butters very easily. Curing time? 1 day- 1 week. Sounds like a soap-maker's dream? 

Take this workshop if

  • You already know how to create soaps using the Cold Process
  • Want to learn how to cure soaps by cooking.
  • Want to cut down on curing times for your handmade soaps
  • Need to save on fragrances by using less in the batch

Learn how in our workshop.

Pre Requisite Course: Beginner Soap-Making. (please do not register for this course unless you have already done Beginner Soap Making).

Book your space with either a half payment or a full payment. 

Cost:  US$104  $TT700. (full payment). 

  • If you use our down payment option you pay $750 (USD 112)
  • If you use our full payment option, you pay $700 (US 104)

Venue: The Annexe. Corner Phillip and Mac Donald Street, Curepe

Time: 10.a.m.-2 p.m.

Prefer not to use a credit card? We offer a Direct Deposit option. Bank Account information:

First Citizens 2203480 (Handmade Soaps of Tobago). When making the deposit, please give your name to the teller as well as the name of the Workshop.

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