Handmade Soap Gifts From the Caribbean: E-book

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You could be making exotic therapeutic, handmade soaps by this time next week.

Learn a practical skill, boost your skin care routine, create gifts and let your creativity run wild- all at the same time by downloading Handmade Soap Gifts from the Caribbean. There is no other soap recipe book like this! 

Unique ingredients with proven benefits for the skin

Powerful therapeutic benefits such as anti-aging and acne fighting characteristics

Make soaps that are different from anyone else's

Written by Lisa-Marie Griffith, a Caribbean soap artisan and experienced formulator, (more than 20 years in the Industry)- this book combines tropical, exotic ingredients with Caribbean tradition to create handmade soaps not created before.

You get

  •  A step by step guide to creating soaps using the Cold Process. Detailed enough for a beginner.
  • Original recipes written by Lisa-Marie
  • Details on the benefit of each soap
  • Opens a doorway to a high-mark up, home based business. Create soaps that your competitors will not have.

 The Caribbean is blessed with an abundant variety of fruits, herbs, spices and flowers that are for the most part, under explored in the Soap making world. This book finally explores the use of these ingredients. Recipes were tested and the results were amazing.

Now you can start creating these soaps using the e-book. It's 100 pages of information including the step by step method (perfect even if you are a beginner) and easy to follow recipes.


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