Group Session: Candle Making


Our group sessions are personalised events in which you can bring members of your family or a group of friends to bond through creativity.

These sessions still cover the skills taught in other workshop settings, but the emphasis in this case, is the finished product and feeling the joy of walking away from the session with the product you made in hand, ready to use.

You don't have to worry about the details-we have everything covered. 

  • We will provide all the raw materials needed on the day. This includes all waxes, wicks, colours, premium fragrances and jars.
  • Access to the Online course is given
  • E book is complimentary.

Personalise it!

Choose your favourite fragrances and colours to build the candles that you love. 

What the session includes:

Within our pouring sessions, you will learn the art of:

pouring pillar candles (any style, colour)

pouring container candles

These skills include 

  • correct wicking
  • the addition of colour
  • the addition of fragrance

We'll give you tips on how to create beautiful, luxury candles that will surpass the quality of store bought.

Light Refreshments are served.

Come enjoy a pouring session with your friends and family. 

Details at a glance:

Date: You book

Venue: The Annexe in Curepe. (Located at the corner of Philip and Mc Donnel St.)

Group of 5 persons

Cost: TT $3200 (US$471)


A 50% deposit is required to confirm your booking. All balances become due on workshop day.