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Glisten Up October: A Workshop creating Moisturisers


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Sunday October 22nd (Trinidad)

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We're creating moisturisers that your skin will adore on Sunday 22nd October 2023.

1. An All over Body silky butter fragranced with our blend of guava and brown sugar (Trust the awesomeness of this)

2. Golden Elixir Facial Moisturisers. Renews, brightens and protects.

3. Lip Balm and Lip Butters, flavoured with Strawberry Daiquiri and Acai and Blueberry.  (yum)



Date: Sunday 22nd October 2023

Venue: Curepe, Trinidad

Time: 10 a.m.- 2 p.m.

Price: TT 1800

Provided: Raw materials, Tools, Notes (E book) .

What you keep: All products created on the day; tools used; E book with recipes and method reminders

Make a Tentative Booking

A tentative booking means that you are unable to immediately make a down payment but you can do so before September 26th.  Book here (tentatively) without immediate payment


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