Candle Making Workshop Tobago: Sunday 17th May 2020


We're pouring candles, Beautiful pillar candles and container candles in many sizes and colours. Join us to learn how to create your own stunning pillars and fragrant container candles.

We do practical on the day and you will be delighted to walk away with the candles you created.

You'll learn:

  • How to choose appropriate wax blends for pillar candles and containers
  • How to wick the candle so that it burns well. Use of wooden wicks (NEW)
  • How to use colours
  • How to include fragrance so that it is "thrown" when the candle is lighted.

 Join us to learn from the most experienced practitioners in the Industry. We continue to give you any support that you need after workshop day.

Benefit from e books which we create especially for our customers and to which you can use as a guide after workshop day.

You'll receive:

  • Up to date, researched instruction from experienced teachers and candle makers
  • The candles you create.
  • Your digital reminder booklet with candle-making how to
  • light refreshments.: 

Venue: Kariwak Ajoupa

Start Time: 10 a.m.

Cost: $TT700 or $US104.00. Enter the discount code "candlesintobago" for $TT100 at Checkout. (this applies to the full payment only)

Book your spot with either a half payment (USD52.00) or with a full payment.

 If you prefer not to use a credit card, you can also book by direct deposit.

Bank Account Information:

First Citizens Account 2203480 (Handmade Soaps of Tobago)

  Please give your name to the teller. Send a message (facebook) or Whats App  (868) 4938118 with a pic of the slip and name the workshop for which you paid